LAMPO sa - Trasporto Aereo, Marittimo, Camionistico - Operazioni Doganali / Magazzino / Logistica / Assicurazioni

LAMPO sa - Trasporto Aereo, Trasporto Marittimo, Trasporto Camionistico, Operazioni Doganali, Magazzino, Logistica, Assicurazioni LAMPO ha un'antica tradizione nei trasporti e nei servizi logistici, una filosofia di lavoro atta a garantire un elevato standard qualitativo a tutta la clientela.
Spedizioni di merci in tutto il mondo Operazioni doganali, magazzinaggi, assicurazioni, logistica Visti consolari, legalizzazioni, licenze ministeriali Consulenze commerciali – doganali - carnet ata Project cargos

About Us

LAMPO has an ancient tradition in transport and logistic services, a philosophy of work which guarantees high quality standard levels to all customers.Your satisfaction will be for us a source of pride and will inspire us to do better for your business.

International Freight Forwarding Service
LAMPO is all about Freight Forwarding and Logistics. We take the time to understand your business, then we create customized supply chain solutions and implementing the dynamic routing to meet customer’s shipping nequirements. LAMPO's approach is to minimize risks and maximize opportunities for all our customers. We understand the complexities of international trade and variable companies requirements.

We work for you to navigate around the International Shipping challenges to ensure on-time deliveries.

  • Shipments of goods all over the world
  • Customs clearance, warehousing, insurance, logistics
  • Visas, legalization, ministerial licenses
  • Commercial and customs consultings - ata carnet
  • Project cargos
We cooperate with a serious and reliable network located in major european and intercontinental strategic points, thus allows us to offer diversified solutions, optimizing costs and timing, to the benefit of customers.

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